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"For many years a lot of my Russian friends, who came to see me in my restaurants, had advised me to open a restaurant in this beautiful city that finally I decided to do it. My story began about 30 years ago in a beautiful village on the sea shore named Terracina, between Rome and Naples. This village is famous in Italy and all over the world for the excellent quality of fish with its natural habitat there.The fish caught in the Mediterranean Sea made me well-known first as a supplier for the best restaurants in Italy and from 2009 I have become famous worldwide as the founder of the brand Assunta Madre. My philosophy - is to serve exclusively fresh fish, cooked by simple traditional Terracina’s Mediterranean recipes, because with our fish we don’t need any starred chefs or complicated recipes! In Moscow we have the same challenge: to fill our exhibition with various fish and seafood from the Mediterranean Sea on the everyday basis. I invite you to try our fish that arrives in our restaurant daily: dorado, sea bream, sea perch, turbot, trigla, blue lobsters, langoustines, prawns, dentex, sea bass, langoustes, seafood and more! Our staff will assist you in this unique eno-gastronomic fish experience, because every fish has its own characteristics, and will advise the best way the fish can be cooked to let you enjoy its taste at 100%. Instead of looking in our menu, I recommend you to speak with our staff and let them choose for you the freshest fish and suggest the best way for it to be cooked. Thousands of guests, who visited us in Rome, Milan, London, Barcelona and Porto Cervo, recommend to start with degustation of raw and warm starters, to enjoy then our homemade pasta and complete it with the fish from our exhibition made “al forno” or in the salt crust or with shellfish in a “catalana” style. Trust us, we won’t disappoint you!"


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My cuisine is based on simple but delicious traditional marine Italian recipes that have been revised for 20 years to delight thousands of clients today! Now the essence of our MENU is various carpaccio, tartare, rolls of eggplant and shrimps, balls of sea bass, sautée of seafood, homemade gnocchetti with shrimps and pecorino, trofie with sea bass and lemon, fish in salt crust, fish al forno, fish in guazzetto sause, grilled fish and catalana.

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in honor of ``mother``

After opening his first restaurant “Hosteria del pesce” in the 90’s, Johnny then opened ASSUNTA MADRE in Via Giulia in 2009. The success was immediate: internationally famous actors, politicians, successful entrepreneurs, professionals and celebrities spend all the evenings in this restaurant and turn it into a taste icon and a must-visit place of the high life.

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Probably not all of us know that sea bass, dorado, sea bream, red seabream, dentex and grouper (to name just some well-known fish) have their natural habitat in the volcanic rocks immersed in the sea waters that are located a mile away from the seashore of Terracina. And this is the zone where this “brilliant” fish (this is what I like to call them) is speared – and this is the best thing the sea can offer.

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Gianni Micalusi, known to everyone as Johnny, born in 1962, spent most of his life between Terracina and Rome turning into a KING of spearfishing, a legend among fishmongers in Italy and abroad. Johnny had supplied fish to the best Italian restaurants for many years and then decided to open his first restaurant in Terracina that he later transferred to Rome where it was acknowledged as one of the best restaurants of the city.

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Seafood and sea urchin, lobsters, langoustines and shrimps, sea bass, grouper, sea bream and dentex, all the best that the Mediterranean Sea can offer – we have gathered it all at our display counter and aquarium at the entrance of our restaurant. Just rely on our waiters who will offer you the freshest fish and the best way it can be cooked. Below there is an extract of our MENU but don’t forget that the fish may change any day as we don’t know what we’ll manage to fish!

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Basing on the comments received in these years from our clients in Italy and Europe we have made rankings of our most appreciated dishes in the restaurants.

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Ristorante di pesce superlativo

Di solito, quando viaggio, mi piace scoprire il Paese che mi ospita anche attraverso il cibo ed evito accuratamente i ristoranti italiani. Questa volta ho fatto un’eccezione; avevo avuto la fortuna di provare la cucina di Gennaro Amitrano a Capri e nel ritrovarlo executive chef in un ristorante a Mosca ho voluto capire cosa sarebbe riuscito a fare in un contesto così diverso. Che dire, senza parole!! Pesce crudo eccezionale, pasta strepitosa, fruttini fantastici..... insomma, una tappa obbligatoria per una cena superlativa!!

Mmcgentili Tripadvisor

Fish!! Real fish!! Try to Believe!

Me and my family we are used to have a dinner in this magnifigue restaurant in Rome! And, what a pleasure, i discovered that now it is opened in Moscow!!! We had the inique quality of raw fish. The carpaccio was simply perfect and the tartare was the same ad we used to have in Rome, honestly, i’ve never eat so good in Moscow! Thank you so much. Very good! Assunta Madre in Moscow Is the best ! There Is no other place that able to give you this quality of fish. No one... Other surprise is that the sellar has my preffered champagne Bollinger ! Sweet that i reccomend you to try Is the cheesecake!

Volha M. Tripadvisor


Usually when I travel abroad I like to discover a country through its cuisine as well that’s why I try to avoid Italian restaurants. This time I made an exception, earlier I had an opportunity to taste the cuisine of Gennaro Amitrano in Capri, and when I learned that he was working as a chef in the restaurant in Moscow I was interested to see how he had managed to fit everything in such completely different atmosphere. What can I say – no words to express it!! Raw fish is marvelous, pasta is fantastic, fruttini is wonderful…… This is a must-visit place if you want to enjoy an excellent dinner.

Mmcgentili Tripadvisor

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